Klaus Herrmann

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Klaus Herrmann

I first began translating for the brewing sector in the late 1980s. American beers are often notorious for being thin and watery. But it was here, specifically in Colorado, that I discovered microbreweries and the incredible variety of excellent beers and beer styles. I became a member of the Brewers Association in the states and enjoy taking courses at TUM Weihenstephan in Bavaria.

My current fascination is yeast. One of my highlights of the past year was a conversation with the director of a monastery brewery in Prague about his hybrid top and bottom-fermenting beer.



I work from English into German and specialise in measurement and control systems, automotive and electrical engineering. I’ve been working for clients in the brewing sector for over 30 years, mainly plant and systems engineering firms, as well as for breweries ranging from microbreweries to world market leaders.

Online marketing

Pilsner is an extremely popular beer style in the USA, with more and more breweries ordering original taps from Czechia. Some providers use machine translation, which renders the term as a “ball dispensing valve with compensator”. Others put the text in the hands of a professional translator with the expertise to know the term used in the industry: side pull tap. Who do you think sells more stateside?

Technical documentation

From controllers and centrifuges to separators, I'm at home with process engineering. This is another area where the difference between using AI or machine translation and an experienced professional is clear. Engineers often say that professional translation of technical documentation like operating instructions can significantly reduce calls to support.


This photo shows the Pearl Brewery, which until 2001 was one of the most established large breweries in Texas. It may sound strange to point this out, but breweries are businesses too. And just like other businesses operating internationally, they too need translations of things like audits, codes of conducts, annual reports and corporate identity guidelines.

Web & social media

One of the most incredible things about the craft beer scene are the people behind the beers. From organic breweries in Texas and Mississippi brewpubs offering the traditional Southern hospitality to a brewery in New England that emphasizes its diversity both online and in industry magazines, your web copy and social media posts will be just as attractive in the target market as they are at home.

Working with us will ensure the right words for your users and markets.

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