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Who are the people behind Beer Connection?

We are Beer Connection, a team of experienced freelance translators, editors and copywriters that share a passion for the brewing industry. We home brew ourselves. We’re members of industry bodies like the Brewers Association or the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. And we never stop learning, attending brewing-related courses held by the likes of TUM Weihenstephan. We cover several languages and work on all kinds of texts, from operating instructions for brewing systems and labels to copy for websites and marketing material.

It all began one night after a few pints together, when we realised there was hardly anyone providing our services to the brewing industry. That’s when a beer-glass-shaped light bulb appeared above our heads, and Beer Connection was born. We’re specialists dedicated to helping breweries, equipment producers and ingredient suppliers go international.

If you’re looking for a partner for your copy and documentation who really understands your products and industry, we can help.

We love beer, just like you. We love drinking it, making it and learning about it. And just like brewing the perfect beer, creating the perfect text or translation is all about craft, expertise and dedication. If you want to know more, drop us a line and let’s have a beer together.

Our portfolio

Distillery in front of a brick wall

Segment: Marketing

Customer story of a plant engineering specialist who helped a distillery boost its energy efficiency so much that it became carbon neutral.

  • Client: Artisan distillery that produces premium whiskey in a carbon-neutral manner.
  • Language: English -> German
  • Keywords: Plant engineering, distillery
Recorder and controller for temperature control with a display of 30.3 degrees Centigrade

Segment: Process engineering

Hybrid recorder with build-in controller for closed-loop control of mash temperature

  • Client: Brewery. Operating instructions for a recorder with control output for temperature control in a mash tun. Both the device itself and the translation were made back in 1993, the photograph was taken in 2018. So they’ve both stood the test of time.
  • Language: English -> German
  • Keywords: Mash tun, temperature control, operating instructions

Segment: Process engineering

Can production line, from blank to a fully printed can

Working with us lets you concentrate on your core business. We take care of finding the right words for your users and markets.

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