Marsha Boelaars

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Marsha Boelaars

I’ve been working as a translator, editor and copywriter for over 20 years. I am a sworn translator from English and German into Dutch, and am a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting in the UK.

I am a passionate home brewer and a member of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, where I obtained the General Certificate in Brewing. I love beers with big aromas, from dry-hopped IPAs to barrel-aged stouts. But I also love well-made traditional lagers or cask ales. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, cooking and reading about history.

My specialisations

In my more than twenty years as a translator, editor, and copywriter, I have worked with many different types of texts. These are a few examples of language services I can provide to breweries, distilleries and equipment suppliers in English and German speaking countries who want to do business in the Netherlands.

Marketing and advertising

When you want to sell your products to a foreign market, you need to speak the language of your customers, but you also need to understand their culture, their social conventions, and their sense of humour. I trained as a copywriter as well as a translator, so I can provide you with attractive and convincing marketing content for the Dutch market.

Safety and compliance

Brewing is a craft, but breweries are also production facilities full of potentially hazardous substances and equipment. To warrant the safety of your staff and products, and to make sure you comply with all the relevant laws and regulations, you need the right documents in the right language. I have years of experience in translating safety instructions, safety data sheets and EU regulations. Your texts are safe with me.


Beer is one of the oldest drinks we know, and it has played a significant role in the history of many cities and regions. Many breweries have a long and fascinating history, that their customers will love to learn more about. But the last thing you want, is your story being ruined by anachronisms. As a historian, I can make sure that doesn’t happen.


Just like any other company, breweries, distilleries, equipment manufacturers and ingredient suppliers need clearly worded contracts to do business. When it comes to international activities in particular, you need a reliable partner who can make sure that your translated contracts match the original. I can give you that peace of mind, and if necessary, I can also provide certified translations

Working with us will ensure the right words for your users and markets.

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